Duke Campus Mail services is proud to serve not only the students, faculty, and staff of Duke University, but also the patients, healthcare workers, and support staff of the Duke Health System, as well. In order to provide accurate and timely service, we ask that you follow the guidelines set out here.

Addressing Mail

Learn how to address mail and packages to on-campus and hospital locations.

Patient Mail

If your friend or loved one is a patient at Duke University Hospital, you can get in touch or send well wishes. Call the Patient Information Desk at 919-684-2410 for help with calling a patient room or getting patient information (like room number).

All mail and packages should be addressed properly to ensure timely delivery.

Free Cards

You may also send a free card to a patient at Duke University Hospital.

ail without a mailbox number will be delayed significantly. For more information, call (919) 382-4500.

Additional Mail Services

If you have any questions not covered in one of the above links or elsewhere on this page we encourage you to reach out to us over the phone at 919-382-4500, or by email at dukepostoffice@duke.edu.

Outgoing Mail Rules

All outgoing mail needs a return address. Faculty, staff and students can determine their proper address at the Duke Internal Directory. Departments at Duke should separate all outgoing First Class, international and campus mail. The different types should be put in separate trays or bundled and marked accordingly. All outgoing mail that needs postage affixed requires a cost object (fund code). Any such mail without a cost object (fund code) will be returned to the sender.

Mail Forwarding

Campus Mail Services does not forward mail for employees, but will forward mail for entire departments if they move to a new location. Individuals are responsible for notifying others of their change of address. If departments receive mail for someone who is no longer there, call (919) 382-4500 for a forwarding address label.

When you receive mail that needs to be forwarded, cover the original address with a provided label and put the envelope or package back in the mail. If you do not know the forwarding address, Campus Mail Services can provide you with return to sender labels.

Moving and Mailboxes

Campus Mail Services will deliver mail for employees who were allowed to move their Duke South mailbox numbers to other buildings, as long as the employee stays in their current location.

In order to continue receiving delivery, once a customer moves again they must convert to a mailbox number assigned to their new building. Employees always have the option of keeping their original mailbox number, but it will require them to pickup their mail directly from the Duke South mailbox area located in 09 Davison Building.

Any mail addressed to an old box will be delivered to a new box for one calendar year. After one year, the old number will be reassigned to a new employee who requests a mailbox in Duke South.

Delivery of m

Envelopes, Forms and Mail Trays

Departments can request campus mail envelopes, mail trays, buckets and other postal forms by asking a route driver or by calling 919-382-4500. All forms and labels must be filled out prior to sending mail.

Duke Bluebag Program

Campus Mail Services (CMS) has started a program for heavy volume mailers. CMS now provides Blue Round Trip mail bags and postage meter cards to internal departments to help expedite higher volumes of mail and streamline the letter mail process. If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please send an email request to dukepostoffice@duke.edu (subject: Duke Bluebag Program).