Campus Mail Services provides internal mail distributions for Faculty and staff for correspondence (e.g. exam papers, postcards, etc.) for students at the Student Mailbox Center on West Campus in the Bryan University Center. All internal distributions must be reviewed and submitted for approval to the CMS Mail Management team before completion. Please contact CMS at 919-382-4500 or send an email to to discuss, review, and coordinate your mailing project.

Club and Student Organizations

If you want to conduct an internal mail distribution, you will need to contact the Student Affairs department for approval to distribute items within the Student Mailbox Center. Please keep in mind that you do not want to mail perishable items (such as food, baked goods, candy, etc.) within the mail system.

If you require assistance with funding for the mailing, you can present your mailing project to the UCAE Business and Finance office and present your case to distribute and seek funding for the postage as well. Please contact for more information. Once approved for funds, you can bring your mailing and materials to the Student Mailbox Center. An Internal Mail distribution Form must accompany the mailing.

Note: Your mailing must be approved and authorized by the Campus Mail Services management team. Upon completion the paperwork will be processed and you will be billed when the mailing is completed.

Types of Internal Distributions

There are two types of internal distributions:


The first 20 letters/cards are free and thereafter, there is a 20-cent charge for each mail piece. Please note: the mailboxes are only 3in x 4in in size, so items must be able to fit inside the mailbox.


Because these packages will not fit in a normal size mailbox, these packages will be assigned a tracking number and then routed to the student by their mailbox number. Once the package is scanned in, it will be staged at the Student Mailbox Center in the Bryan Center. An e-mail notification will be sent to the recipient when the package is available for pick-up. The cost for this service is $1.00 per package.

Internal Distribution Form

A copy of the Internal Distribution Form must be filled out and completed. Please provide the required materials along with the information. You must provide an active Cost Center or Object Code so that we can bill the costs accordingly to the department. We will then schedule and fulfill distribution as required. Please let us know what to do with the leftover materials. If you would like to be notified once the process has been completed, please let us know and we will send you confirmation via email.

Proper Addressing Format

Please follow the same guideline for each letter, postcard or parcel. They will need to be addressed using the recipient’s first name, last name and mailbox number. No nicknames, please. For example:

Edward De La Garza
Box 99000