Please allow 24-48 hours for package processing by Campus Mail Services - CMS staff. Packages are processed in the order in which they are received, with special priority given to Express, Next Day, and other express services. 

When packages are received at Duke Postal Operations, there is a three-step handling process involved:

  1. Primary Sort - Packages are received and sorted (e.g. by Student, Faculty, staff, etc.) by location. Some carriers will mark your package as "delivered" at this point, while others will mark it as "tendered to agent for final delivery". At this point the package has entered the Duke Processing System, but is not yet available for pickup.
  2. Scan and Label - Packages are scanned by tracking number (for accountability) from the carrier. We perform this step to help streamline the delivery process, and track down missing or misdelivered packages.
  3. Delivered to Location - Packages are delivered to respective locations.
    • Student packages: When packages for students are delivered to the Student Mailbox Center for staging and pickup, students will receive an automated email letting them know to either check their mailbox, check the parcel lockers, or check with the front desk to pick up their parcel. The package will be ready for you to pick it up only when you have received and email from Duke Campus Mail that says it is ready for pickup. When picking up your parcel from the student mail center, please have your Duke Box Number ready for the desk agent, which is printed at the bottom of your email.