Campus Mail Services (CMS) will contact students via email when package(s) are ready for pick up at Student Mailbox Center. In an effort to improve communication to Duke students, CMS has incorporated a CODE system that enhances customer service, minimizes wait times (in line), and speeds the delivery process overall.

When you a get text message, please look at the CODE in the subject line for information on what to do:

Code #Subject Line
111Package is at the Mailbox Center
Come to the service window to collect your package with your mailbox number and ID (physical version or digital version are both acceptable)
333Package is in your Mailbox
Go to your mailbox to collect your package. You must have your key to access your mailbox; CMS cannot get it for you. 
555Package is in a Parcel Locker
Go to your mailbox to collect a key for the locker bank opposite the window service desk.
777Package is in the Smart Locker
Follow instructions in the email for locker access. Smart locker is located up the ramp from the mailbox center, between the service desk and the elevator.

Please note: Your package will NOT be ready for pickup until you receive one of the above emails.

In most cases, please allow 24 hours for packages to be processed and transported to the Student Mailbox Center. Also, during peak times, such as, start of semester and Move In, processing times will take 24-48 hours and may be longer. 

  • Expedited delivery packages (e.g. overnight, two day, etc.) are given priority, and are generally ready for pick-up the same day they arrive, or the morning after, depending on delivery time.
  • Ground packages are processed in the order and day they are received, and cannot be expedited in any way.

Note: We ask that you wait a day or two before reaching out to us to track down any missing or delayed parcels.

If you have not received a notification that your package is ready for pickup though your tracking information says the package has been delivered, you can reach out to us by email. Please include your name, box number, and tracking information.

Please note that we are unable to track anything without a tracking number, so first-class mail, post cards, etc. cannot be traced in our system. This means things like credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other important documents MUST have the correct address, as they will be impossible to track.

If you would like a friend to pick up a package for you, please send them a message with permission, including your full name and box number, as well as their full name. They will need to show the Mail Center attendant this message, as well as their Duke ID to pick up your package.


Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Campus Mail Services has added Intelligent Parcel Lockers to expedite packages and speed delivery at the Student Mailbox Center. The Smart Locker is conveniently located in the hallway at the top of the ramp, between the elevator and the Student Mailbox Center.