Meter mail is a service that enables departments to send mail and directly charge it to a Duke University Fund Code, rather than have to buy and apply postage to each piece of mail. Meter mail can be used for any amount of mail, whether you're sending a single letter or thousands!

All meter mail sent by departments needs postage requires a cost object (fund code). There are two options for preparing main for metering:

  1. You can write the cost object (fund code) in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. Please do NOT place the fund code in the right hand corner!
  2. You can print your own postage meter card at your convenience. We recommend this method for those sending larger quantities or bundles of mail.

Mail without a cost object (fund code) will be returned to the sending department. This will create delays, so please make certain to have these codes on your outgoing mail.

For more information, call (919) 382-4500.

Frequently Asked Meter Mail Questions

All you need to send metered mail is a fund code, and pieces of mail that need postage!

All mail is sent via First Class Mail unless indicated otherwise.