Campus Mail Services - CMS does not maintain or provide mailing lists. If you want to send mail to students, a list may be ordered from the Registrar's Office where you can fill out a data request form. Mail lists for employees are available through the Human Resources department.

  • If you want to mail to all on-campus students, you don't need to address each piece. We can place the mail in each student's mailbox. There is a charge of 20 cents per piece for this service.
  • In addition, you will need to refer to the Internal Distribution section and complete the Internal Distribution Form as required.
  • You are also required to submit a sample of the mailing for CMS staff to review to ensure it meets our standards for mail distribution here at Duke.

Note: Please contact the Duke Postal Operations Mail Management team to schedule and coordinate this mailing project in further details.

  • If you want to mail to any or all employees, it is necessary to address each piece. There is no charge for this distribution. Just know that the mail piece (s) MUST be addressed as follows:
NAMEJoe Blue Devil
DEPARTMENTCampus Mail Services
BOX #BOX 90813
  • If you want to mail to all departments at Duke, all mail pieces must bear a delivery address and a return address as well. See example below:
Delivery and return address example
  • Please contact Campus Mail Services to coordinate this mailing and distribution process. There is no charge for this type of distribution.
  • Then CMS can schedule and coordinate this mailing project and discuss delivery of materials and distribution timelines as well.

Note: We do not distribute any type of perishable (food, candy, etc.) items.