Duke employees can send and receive mail through Interdepartmental Campus Mail, which delivers to addresses in the Duke system using campus box numbers and doesn't require postage. Employees will receive mail in their mailboxes or through their own department's mail system. Outgoing mail is picked up as incoming mail is delivered.

All mail must be official Duke business and can be anything from a memo for general distribution to items addressed for an individual or position at Duke. If mail is not in an envelope, it should be folded and marked with an employee's name or title and must always have a campus mailbox number.

Campus Mail Services sorts and delivers more than 15,000 pieces of mail per day. We sort mail by box number and not by a person's name, department, building or room number. When sending mail at Duke, make sure to list the box number, since delivery of envelopes or packages without a box number will be delayed significantly. Properly addressed mail is delivered the same day.

Recycled interdepartmental envelopes are sometimes available. Please contact us for more information.