Student Mail and Packages

Please be advised that Campus Mail Services can only forward U.S. Postal Service - USPS First Class Mail letters. Presort Standard and Non-Profit letters and solicitations will be recycled as well. All Third-Class mail magazines, flats, etc. will be diverted as well. Packages from USPS that are Parcel-Lightweight cannot be forwarded either.

Once the packages are returned to the US Postal Service, CMS cannot be responsible for the time it takes to return packages through the US Postal Service and distribution. Once the package is in entered back in the USPS mail stream, it could take up to 30 days to forward the package. Sometimes, it is just returned to the sender/vendor.

Packages received from 3rd party carriers like FedEx and UPS cannot be forwarded or returned. Once received, CMS staff will do their best to contact the recipient and coordinate delivery of these packages to their intended recipients. Recipients will need to pay for the reshipment of packages, if necessary. Campus Mail Services is not responsible for reshipping these parcels, but we will do our best to assist you with your shipping needs. Please contact Campus Mail Services directly for assistance at (919) 382-4500 or by e-mail at To reship an item with a third party carrier you will generally need to know the weight and dimensions to determine the costs.

Faculty/Staff Mail and Packages

Campus Mail Services does not forward mail for employees, but will forward mail for entire departments if they move to a new location. Individuals are responsible for notifying others of their change of address. If departments receive mail for someone who is no longer there, call (919) 382-4500 for a forwarding address label.

When you receive mail that needs to be forwarded, cover the original address with a provided label and put the envelope or package back in the mail. If you do not know the forwarding address, Campus Mail Services can provide you with return to sender labels.