There are several types of restrictions on the types of packages we are equipped to handle here at Duke Campus Mail Services. We ask that you please abide by the following policies when ordering things to be delivered to campus:

  • Weight: Packages may weigh no more than 75 pounds
  • Length: Packages may be no longer than 108 inches in any one dimension
  • Perishable/Refrigerated: Packages cannot be refrigerated during handling and delivery through Duke Campus Mail Services. We recommend express shipping and prompt pickup if you have no other way to get these products, but Duke accepts no responsibility for damage.
  • Medicine: Medicine can be delivered to Duke, but we recommend finding an alternative, such as the Duke Pharmacy or a local alternative, if they have particular special handling requirements or are time sensitive. See below for more details.
  • Prohibited Items: Duke follows the same restricted mailing guidelines for prohibited items per the carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.), in addition to any policies laid out by Duke PD, or Student Affairs, as well as applicable state and federal laws.

Note: Many of these products can go bad and become spoiled if not picked up in a timely manner. Also, boxes are tossed around and containers leak and seep out of the box. Duke Campus Mail Services is not responsible and can't be held accountable for items that spoil or are received damaged in transit. Please ship at your own risk.


Medication packaged in dry ice comes in many shapes and sizes and they include “time and temperature” sensitive substances. In most situations, they require special handling, refrigeration, and other attention.

For medication, it is best to seek the best shipping alternative, so please make special arrangements with your doctor and/or insurance carrier. Also, you can contact the local pharmacies around the Duke campus to ensure you can acquire what you need locally.

Please be advised that while we will do our best to expedite these items promptly, when and if we receive them, Duke Campus Mail Services is not staffed and equipped to handle these items, and will not accept responsibility or be accountable for these items.

Special Accommodations

If you have any questions about these restrictions, or need to arrange for delivery of an item that does not fit within one or more of the above restrictions, please contact us via email before placing your shipment to ensure correct handling. Failure to arrange delivery beforehand may result in your item being returned, or forfeited.

Please note that Campus Mail Services has no way to transport large packages to East Campus at this time. Students will be responsible for transporting all packages from the mailroom to their dormitories, even on East Campus. For students needing to transport large items, Duke Mail Services has a limited number of dollies available to borrow. Dollies are first-come, first-serve and cannot be reserved. You will be required to leave either your Duke ID or Driver's License/State ID until you have returned the dolly. If not returned, you will be charged the full replacement cost, usually around $150.


Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Campus Mail Services has added Intelligent Parcel Lockers to expedite packages and speed delivery at the Student Mailbox Center. The Smart Locker is conveniently located in the hallway at the top of the ramp, between the elevator and the Student Mailbox Center.