Important End-of-Year Updates

May 10, 2017

Whether you are an incoming student or a graduating senior, be sure to know what to do to ensure your mail is handled appropriately after the end of the semester. 


If you are graduating this semester, you will need to follow these steps: 1) You will get an envelope in your mailbox for you to return your mailbox key. 2) Write your NAME and BOX # on the envelope. 3) Please remember to take all mail out of your box. Then LOCK the mailbox. 4) Then put the key in the envelope and drop it off at the front window. NOTE: Please update your address on you ACES profile. Also, your mail will be forwarded for 30 days.


If you are taking summer session classes, please stop by the Student Mailbox Center and let them know to ensure your mailbox will remain open throughout the summer. NOTE: Please keep your Mailbox key as you will keep the same mailbox while you reside on campus.


If you will be studying abroad, please stop by or call the Student Mailbox Center 919-684-3207 to discuss several options for mail services.

NOTE: If you do not let us know, you will be billed and charged for the semester if you do not close your box.


It is very important to update your address of record on your ACES profile and page. This will allow us to forward mail and packages to the address you provide. NOTE: You can only use an address within the United States.


Are you taking a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) from school, please let the Campus Mail Services staff know right away.



Keep your mailbox key. This will remain your box until you graduate. Let the Student Mailbox Center staff know if you are going to stay for the summer. Otherwise, we only forward First Class mail to the address you have provided us on file.


If you are going to study abroad for a semester or the full year, please stop by the Student Mailbox Center for instructions about your Mailbox.

Note: Please know that Campus Mail Services cannot forward Mail to International destinations.


If you are transferring or moving off campus, please let the Campus Mail Services staff know and complete paperwork to close your mailbox.


Clear out and lock your mailbox and turn in your key at the front window.