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February 23, 2010 By Bryan Roth

A new set of addresses for Duke buildings will make life easier for couriers and emergency personnel who need to get around campus.

Recent changes to building addresses have provided a street number, street name or both for every building at Duke, even buildings that never officially had one. For example, Perkins Library, which previously lacked a specific address, is now 411 Chapel Drive. New addresseses can be found by searching for a building with Duke’s campus map.

“This will help to accommodate the needs of emergency vehicles and FedEx, UPS and DHL trucks who need to get on campus and need more than just a building name to get around,” said Jeff Potter, Duke’s director of real estate administration. “It’s important for us to make it easier for outside organizations to know where to go.”

Staff from Duke’s Real Estate Office, Plant Accounting and Facilities Management departments worked with the City of Durham to create the new addresses, which were needed under a new permit process created by the city.

Potter said that in addition to assisting emergency crews, the addresses will help the delivery of packages from couriers like FedEx or UPS. The couriers need physical street addresses to deliver on campus, not box numbers, and typically need to call an office or department to get directions to their location. Potter said these issues have been resolved by providing specific physical addresses.

The changes are welcomed by Mandie Sellars, communications manager for Duke Chapel, which is now listed as 401 Chapel Drive. Sellars said she’s often asked by visitors to provide a specific address for the Chapel and receives lots of calls for deliveries.

“I used to just give an arbitrary address like 1 Chapel Drive or 101 Chapel Drive, so this will definitely help,” she said. “We have a lot of hand-delivered packages that require someone to come to us.”

Mike Trogdon, director of Duke Postal Operations, said that adding a physical street address helps make mail more specific but that an employee’s box number is still required on mail to be delivered. He added that any mail that only has a physical address runs a risk of being delayed significantly, since the postal service has to pull the mail out of the sorting stream and loook up the box number. The new addresses are geared toward package deliveries, not normal mail, Trogdon said.

Faculty and staff who use inter-department campus mail should still use the same format they’ve always used of a name and box number, Trogdon said.

When receiving campus mail, the following information is needed in this order:

Name (title optional)
Physical address (room/office and building)
Box number
Durham, NC 27708-XXXX or 27710

University employees have a zip code of 27708 and the ZIP+4 code is the last four digits of a box number. Health System employees have a zip code of only 27710.

For packages, information should be listed in this order:

Name (title optional)
Street number and street name
Physical address (room/office and building)
Durham, NC 27708 or 27710

To find where to send packages, search for your building address on the campus map. A box number attached to a zip code is not needed for packages.

Find your building’s new address here.