On-Campus Student Mail

Getting a Mailbox and Keys

When students arrive on campus, they will receive a mailbox key in their move-in packet. If the key is misplaced or stolen, you will be charged $16.13 for the replacement key.

Mailbox Locations

  • All on-campus resident boxes are in the Bryan Center, which is on West Campus and open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday (Closed Weekends and University holidays).
  • Residents of Central Campus Apartments are served by the U.S. Postal Services’ West Durham Branch on Kangaroo Drive. For more information, their office can be reached at (919) 382-0590.

Mail boxes are available for incoming mail on August 1. Any mail that arrives before this date will be returned to the sender.

You should always include both your dorm/street address and box number in your address.  This is because the US Postal Service only delivers to mailboxes on campus, not dorms.  Private couriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. only deliver to the dorms and cannot deliver to mailboxes.

If you always put both your street address and mailbox number in your address, no matter which delivery service is used, they can deliver your mail or package.

Here's an example of fields to include in your address:

Your Name
Rm Number Residence Hall
Street Address
Box Number
Durham, NC Zip Code

If you don’t know your dorm street address, you can find it here on the campus map.

Duke campus has zip code 27708 and the ZIP+4 code is the last four digits of your box number. Any mail received without your mailbox number will be returned to the sender for insufficient address. Central Campus apartments have the zip code 27705.

Package Pick Up

If mail or a package is too large to fit in a student's mailbox, we'll send a text or email to students to let them know the mail or package has arrived. In that correspondence, we'll let students know what action to take to collect their mail or package. They'll be asked to either go to the mail counter in the Bryan Center during regular business hours to pick up the mail or package, or to retrieve a key placed in their mailbox to access a 24/7 package locker with their item in Bryan Center.

If a student is directed to get the package from a locker, there is no waiting in line. The student can take the following steps 24/7:

  • First, go to the student's mailbox and get the key to the package locker. The key is numbered and corresponds to the locker located in front of the customer service counter in the Bryan Center.
  • Go to the locker, open the locker with the key, remove the package/mail and close the locker door.
  • Once the locker is opened, the key is automatically retained in the lock until we remove it.

Please make every effort to collect a package within 24 hours so we can re-use the locker and provide the most efficient service to students.


During the summer, all mailboxes will close the first week of May. We’ll forward First-class mail and parcels to your permanent home address until September 30. On August 1, your mailbox will re-open. On August 1, any mail with an old mailbox number will be returned to the sender. Magazines or newspapers can’t be forwarded and are recycled. If you want to continue using your mailbox over the summer, please contact us.

Changes in Status

  • Students moving off campus should drop off your key and fill out a change of address form.
  • Graduating students can have mail forwarded to their permanent home address for 60 days. Newspapers and magazines are not forwarded and are recycled. Students graduating in December have multiple options for their campus mail. Please discuss your options by calling (919) 684-4104.
  • Students studying abroad also have multiple options for how to handle their mail. Please call (919) 684-4104.

Anti-Stalking laws prevent postal employees from giving out any information-even to parents- as to whether or not a student has a mailbox. Please contact the Registrar's Office for student information at (919) 684-2813.