Outgoing Mail Rules

All outgoing mail needs a return address. Faculty, staff and students can determine their proper address here. Departments at Duke should separate all outgoing First Class, international and campus mail. The different types should be put in separate trays or bundled and marked accordingly. All outgoing mail that needs postage affixed requires a charge code. Any such mail without a charge code will be returned to the sender.

Mail Forwarding

  • Students
    Campus Mail Services can forward First Class Mail and items of obvious value, such as a box or parcel package. We will not forward bulk mail, junk mail or newspapers and magazines, which are recycled. All First Class Mail is forwarded to a student’s permanent address.
  • Employees
    Campus Mail Services does not forward mail for employees, but will forward mail for entire departments if they move to a new location. Individuals are responsible for notifying others of their change of address. If departments receive mail for someone who is no longer there, call (919) 382-4500 for a forwarding address label.

When you receive mail that needs to be forwarded, cover the original address with a provided label and put the envelope or package back in the mail. If you do not know the forwarding address, Campus Mail Services can provide you with return to sender labels.


All forms and labels must be filled out prior to sending mail. All forms and labels are available from a route driver or by calling 919-382-4500.

Envelopes, Forms and Mail Trays

Departments can request campus mail envelopes, mail trays, buckets and other postal forms by asking a route driver or by calling (919) 382-4500.