Addressing Mail at Duke


All mail coming to Duke must include this information, preferably in this order:

University          Medical system   Resident students
Full name
Bldg & room  
Street address
Duke Box #         
City, state & zip
Prof. Jan Faculty
Rm 402 Allen Bldg
134 Chapel Drive
Duke box #90000
Durham NC 27708-0000  
Dr. Joann Physician
Rm 1503 Davidson Bldg  
201 Trent Drive
Box #3306 DUHS
Durham, NC 27710
Joe College
Rm 603 Brown Dorm
1328 Campus Drive
Duke Box #93399
Durham, NC 27708-3399

All interoffice mail must include this information:

Full name
Duke box #         
Mary Staffmember
Duke box #104000         
Dr. Harry Surgeon
Box #3000 DUHS

For additional information, see On-campus Student mail and Faculty/Staff Mail.

Frequently asked questions:


Do all Duke employees have a box number?

A. All employees on Duke's campus in Durham do; four-, five- or six-digit numbers. You can look up box numbers in the Search field on and Even people in some off-campus locations -- like our offices in Smith Warehouse and the American Tobacco Campus, and some off-campus medical offices that pick up interoffice mail on campus -- have Duke box numbers. Those who don't have box numbers cannot receive interoffice mail processed through Duke Campus Mail Services; you must use the USPS to send mail to their street address.

How do you want me to write my address?

A. If you write your address as shown at the top of the page, you’ll never have a problem. It includes your street address for carriers like FedEx and UPS, and it includes your Duke box number for Duke Postal Operations the USPS. With the complete address above, your mail will get to you no matter which service handles it.

Why can't I use my physical address — my room number and building? After all, my mail gets delivered to my desk every day.

A. None of the delivery services — not Duke Campus Mail Services, USPS, UPS or FedEx — deliver to your desk. The services deliver to a receptionist or a mail center, and your department courier or staff assistant makes sure the mail gets from the place it's dropped off to the place you pick it up. Therefore, it has to have your mailing address, in the format shown above, to make it to you.

FedEx and UPS — and many online vendors, like — won't accept post office box numbers. How can I get things shipped to me here?

A. The key is "Duke box #." Many vendors will reject post office (U.S. Postal Service or USPS) box numbers because USPS requires postage to deliver to these boxes. But they will allow Duke box numbers. In fact, some FedEx and UPS ground services, and some vendors like Amazon, will switch over to USPS to save on shipping, so you should insist that they include the Duke box # in the address.

Why the delay in delivering mail without box numbers?

A. We see 27,000 pieces of USPS and interdepartmental mail every business day, and we have as our goal delivering every piece of mail the same day we receive it. But we have to pull the nearly 10 percent of mail that doesn't have a box number out of the automatic sorting queue, look up each box number, and then run it back through the sorting machine. By then, our mail delivery trucks have gone out on their routes, so this mail will be delayed by at least one day. And the extra handling is labor intensive, too, so your addressing internal mail correctly and your asking people who correspond with you from outside Duke to address mail coming into Duke correctly will help us increase efficiency and reduce expenses.

Why can't you expedite looking up box numbers for important mail, at least?

A. Every piece of Duke mail — x-rays, medications, acceptance letters, textbooks, care packages, grant info, tax info, etc. — is important to the person to whom it's addressed. Again, Duke Campus Mail Services sees more than 2,000 pieces of mail a day without box numbers. We must rely on you to ensure that your mail is addressed correctly.

How do I keep my address updated?

A. Use ACES (students) and Duke@Work (faculty and staff) to update information. If you find you can't change something, contact your payroll clerk, who may have additional access.

How do I find my street address?

A. Look up your building on the campus map.

I always use our departmental courier. Why do I have to use a complete address?

A. Often, courier mail finds its way to interoffice mail. To ensure that your mail reaches its destination, it's always best to include the full name and box number. No harm if you want to add the department name, but don't abbreviate, and don't assume the department name is an adequate substitute.

Do all Duke employees get campus mail service?

A. Most, but not all. There is no campus mail delivery to Duke Health Raleigh, Duke Regional Hospital or the many clinics throughout the area, for instance. If you have a question, contact us.

Why do I always get mail for people who don’t work here?

A. We deliver by mailbox numbers, not names. Make sure that you change (or have your payroll clerk change) your address in the system whenever you move to ensure you continue to get mail intended for you.

Can I get my personal mail and packages delivered to me at Duke?

A. Campus mail is for business use only, one of the reasons we don’t forward mail when you transfer from one location to another. We assume the mail is for the person who is handling your former responsibilities. We can provide the person who sorts your mail with pre-printed labels if you want your mail forwarded to you in the new work location.

Where do I put the mailbox number on an "INTER-DEPARTMENT DELIVERY" envelope (the manila one with the holes and spaces for many addresses)?

A. When an envelope doesn’t have a specific space for the box number, just list it directly below the recipient’s name, as in the example at the top of the page.

What are Duke's zip codes?

A. University addresses carry the 27708 zip, while health system addresses on campus carry the 27710 zip.